Dr.Haim Katz

Dr. Haim Katz, LL.M. Ph.D
Advocate, Member of the Israel Bar

Can't Obtain Credit In Canada? Have You Tried Israel Lately?

Buying an apartment or home outside of your native country is always fraught and more so if you don’t speak the language or understand the mentality. This website will make you aware of the gaps and point out some of the pitfalls. Getting the correct advise can help to bridge the gaps and walk you through to a comfortable and informed purchase, help you negotiate the best deal with mortgage banks and ensure that your investment in Israel is secure.

Dr. Haim Katz came to Israel from England with his family in 1982. Having earned three degrees in London University, he received his Israeli law license in 1983 and has been practicing ever since in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, specializing in real estate. His partnership with the Abraham Neeman law firm constitutes one of the largest and most prominent real estate law partnerships in the country. The firm prides itself on its efficiency and competitiveness.

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